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A fond farewell to Chris and Scott

Chris Birch and Mike Hawkins
Chris Birch and Scott Hawkins

Alaska lost two of its biggest economic boosters with the deaths of State Senator Chris Birch and businessman Scott Hawkins. Here are some thoughts from various Alaskans:

“Senator Birch was a charismatic Alaskan who captured a room instantly when he walked in. He was passionate and stood for his beliefs. While we did not always agree on every facet of every policy, our disagreement didn’t prevent him from treating me, and anyone else who might have disagreed, with the utmost respect. He didn’t allow political disagreements to become personal animosity the way that so many in this line of service do. He was quick to listen, slow to speak, and committed to the things he believed in.”

Rep. Sara Rasmuson

“Scott was such a positive force in our state, always believing that Alaskans could prosper, and treating everyone with respect and dignity.”

Gov. Michael Dunleavy

“Chris never met a hiking trail he didn’t like and could often be found on top of a mountain range, rain or shine,” she said. “He carried that same mindset to the Senate floor and didn’t shy away from the tough topics. Instead, he worked hard for Alaska’s best future, while always maintaining a positive outlook. He was my colleague, my hiking partner, my dear friend. I will miss him deeply.”

Sen. Natasha von Imhof

“Chris Birch was a very good man. Proud to be a pre-statehood Alaskan, proud to be a hell of a mining engineer, proud of his loving family – and, though too modest to claim it himself – a dedicated, hard-working, principled public servant in Fairbanks, Anchorage, and at the state level in the House and Senate. “

Former Rep. Dan Sadler

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